Kazakhstanian life expectancy is growing

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin spoke at a meeting of the parliamentary faction of the Nur Otan party.

12 February, 2021

Journalists have been awarded with the Khalyk algysy medal

Among the awardees are journalists and specialists who worked in the regional headquarters for the fight against coronavirus, which was created during the pandemic, reports.

07 November, 2020

Employees will be obliged to do physical exercises in the first half of the working day

The Ministry of Health has approved the rules for physical exercises in teams. Employers are obliged to organize time for physical exercises for employees, reports.

05 November, 2020

Kazakhstan has strengthened restrictive measures on the state border

03 November, 2020

Cinemas started work in Atyrau

In accordance with the decree of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Atyrau region, cinemas resumed work.

27 October, 2020

New schedule of international flights published

The Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan has published the schedule of international flights from October 26, 2020, taking into account the reduction.

25 October, 2020

Kazakhstan plans to extend suspension of visa-free regime

Kazakhstan plans to extend the suspension of visa issuance for a number of countries until May 1, 2021, reports with the reference to

23 October, 2020

More than 600 kg of sturgeon caviar obtained in Atyrau at a private plant

In 2019, the fishing enterprises of the Atyrau region caught 6.5 thousand tons of various fish on the rivers and in the sea, reports.

22 October, 2020

Several international flights reduced in Kazakhstan

21 October, 2020

9 workers of Tengiz oil field were tested COVID-positive

Over the last 24 hours, 10 cases of coronavirus infection were registered in Atyrau.

20 October, 2020

New quarantine decisions were made in Kazakhstan

Askar Mamin, Prime Minister chaired a selector meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in Kazakhstan, reports with reference to the press service of the head of government.

20 October, 2020

Passengers arriving in Kazakhstan will be monitored through the new app

Together with the IT market, a new application ZERTTEU is being created, which will help in conducting an epidemiological investigation, reports with the reference to

17 October, 2020