Over two tons of sturgeon were seized in Atyrau region in a month and a half

The autumn stage of the operational and preventive measure "Bekire-2020" has ended, reports.

11 November, 2020

Ecologists will check on the fact of death of birds in Atyrau region

Ecologists of Atyrau region will check on the fact of death of birds in the "Akzhaiyk" nature reserve, reports with the reference to the official site of the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources.

10 November, 2020

Kazakhstan plans to construct 39 new reservoirs

The construction of 39 new reservoirs is planned in nine regions of Kazakhstan, reports with the reference to the official site of the Ministry of the Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan.

06 November, 2020

Atyrau Refinery reported a failure in the operation of waste treatment facilities

A special commission has been set up to investigate the situation on the fact of the violation of the operating mode and sludge leakage, reports.

02 November, 2020

The entrepreneurship department told about the plans on Tuzdykol

Construction of a health center on the basis of the Tuzdykol salt lake will begin in Indersky district, reports.

29 October, 2020

Reclamation of evaporation fields in Atyrau will cost 8 billion tenge

This is the cost of reclamation of the Kvadrat wastewater evaporator pond on the right-bank part of the city, reports.

28 October, 2020

There is no money to liquidate self-flowing wells in Zhylyoi region

These hydrological wells are ownerless, that is, they are not assigned to anyone. And in Soviet times, they were owned by state farms, reports.

27 October, 2020

The problems of the Zhaiyk River will be discussed at the meeting of the heads of Kazakhstan and Russia

The meeting of the presidents of the two countries within the framework of cross-border cooperation will take place in Kokshetau in November, reports.

26 October, 2020

More than 2 million tons of waste accumulated at the solid waste landfill in Atyrau

120-150 thousand tons of solid household waste is annually transported to this landfill, reports.

26 October, 2020

More than 600 kg of sturgeon caviar obtained in Atyrau at a private plant

In 2019, the fishing enterprises of the Atyrau region caught 6.5 thousand tons of various fish on the rivers and in the sea, reports.

22 October, 2020

Department of Ecology plans to inspect Atyrau Oil Refinery LLP

Department of Ecology for the Atyrau region will conduct an unscheduled inspection of Atyrau Oil Refinery LLP, reports.

19 October, 2020

UN head on climate change: this century may be one of humanity's last

The UN Secretary General has outlined a plan to combat global warming, which he says threatens the very existence of human civilization.

12 October, 2020