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Pope addressed pilgrims during mass in Nur-Sultan

During Holy Mass, Pope Francis addressed the pilgrims. He noted that peace needs to be gained every day, as well as the coexistence of various ethnic groups, a Zakon.kz correspondent reports.

Before the beginning of the mass, Pope Francis greeted the audience.

The service itself began at 4:45 pm, after the official part of the first day of the Congress was over. Francis arrived at the place of mass in the popemobile, accompanied by guards. The prayer itself takes place on the territory of the international exhibition center EXPO, on the square in front of the Nur Alem pavilion.

In his Mass, the Pope addressed the audience.

No, peace cannot be acquired once and for all, it must be acquired every day, as well as the coexistence of various ethnic groups and religious traditions, integral development, social justice. And in order for Kazakhstan to develop even more in brotherhood, dialogue and understanding to build bridges of solidarity cooperation with other peoples, nations and cultures, a universal effort is needed. And even earlier, a renewed act of faith in the Lord is needed: to look up, look to Him, learn from His universal and crucified love, - said Pope Francis.

According to the organizers, about 10,000 people are currently participating in the prayer service. Including more than 3000 arrived from the regions of the republic and more than 500 people from far and near abroad.

People arrived from Romania, Germany, Poland, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Tajikistan.

As for Kazakhstan, the largest number of pilgrims came from Karaganda (770 people), Akmola (360 people), North Kazakhstan (227 people), Pavlodar (141 people) and Almaty (132 people) regions. 880 people came from Nur-Sultan to the event and 150 people came from Almaty.

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