14 September, 2022 113

QR codes will be applied to Kazakh license plates

Codes will be impossible to remove from the surface of the license plate, according to the Kazakhstan Institute of Standardization and Metrology.

Vehicle license plates must now have special QR codes through which it will be possible to verify their authenticity.

From September 1 of this year, the national standard ST RK 986-2022 was put into effect in the country. It spells out the requirements for license plates and blanks for them, which must have special and additional elements necessary to protect against falsification.

The standard was developed in the RSE "Information and Production Center" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

It is noted that the standard provides unification of the technical requirements for fonts, numbers and security elements on state registration plates.

Additional security elements included the application of unique DMC codes (QR codes), by which police officers can verify the authenticity of license plates.

"Special protection elements cannot be removed from the surface of the license plate by chemical means or physical impact. They must be preserved throughout the entire life of the license plate," KazStandard said.

They assured that the introduction of new standards will not entail changes in prices for the manufacture of products, as well as additional costs from the state budget.

Photo KazStandard TRMC MTI RK


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