14 September, 2022 149

Egg shortage in Atyrau supermarkets was explained by speculation

In the supermarket chain "Leader" they sell 10 eggs per person. This angered the residents of the city, reports ATPress.kz.

Nazgul Amirova, a townswoman, was going to buy 20 eggs, but she was given only 10, without giving a reason.

- The sellers said they were told to sell 10 eggs each. Why don't they say. It turns out that soon they will disappear from the shelves altogether? - outraged resident of the city.

According to the director of Ideal Market LLP Aset Mambetov, the lowest price for eggs in the city is in Leader supermarkets. One chicken egg costs 35.6 tenge, while in other outlets - 42-45 tenge. They are faced with the fact that the owners of grocery stores, pastry shops, bakeries, buy boxes of eggs.

- According to our analysis, speculators buy eggs from us and resell them. Suppliers do not have time to deliver this product to us. Eggs are brought from Kostanay, Almaty and Aktobe regions. In addition, these suppliers have raised their prices. We buy for 39 tenge and sell them for 35.6 tenge. Thus, we work at a loss. Since we have an agreement with the city akimat, where the marginal price for socially significant products is painted. Now we are forced to give only 10 eggs per person. This issue is currently being regulated, - said Asset Mambetov.

As the head of the city department of entrepreneurship and agriculture Ruslan Davletov noted, there is no shortage of eggs in the Atyrau region. Products of local producers and imported eggs fully cover the needs of the population.

- This situation is only in Leader supermarkets. There is no shortage of this product on the market and in other outlets. Only there is a difference in price, - says Ruslan Davletov.

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