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The Pope called poverty the main risk factor for humanity

The pontiff also noted the need to change attitudes towards religion, recognizing its huge humanistic role.

Speaking at the opening of the VII Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions in Nur-Sultan, Pope Francis emphasized the high role of Abay in the spiritual development of mankind and noted the importance of religion as a means of achieving peace.

"It's time to leave the conversations that have long generated mistrust of religion. Religion is not a problem. It contributes to a harmonious life in society, we need it to quench the thirst for world peace. The pandemic has demonstrated the extent of inequality on the planet. The biggest factor risk for today is poverty, which breeds violence and greed," the pontiff said.

He added that modern man lacks a brotherly attitude towards his neighbor, and stressed that every person is sacred.

"All people are guests in this world. Let's learn healthy shame! Let's invest in education, not weapons! Remembering the horrors and mistakes of the past, let's unite our efforts so that the Almighty is never again a hostage to earthly power," he addressed humanity Pope.

According to the pontiff, the sacred should not serve as a support for power. Power should not be based on the sacred.

“Let us commit ourselves even more strongly to strengthening the need for conflicts to be resolved not by useless arguments of force, not by weapons and threats, but only by those means that heaven blesses. By those means that are worthy of man: meetings, dialogue, patient negotiations, which we we conduct with special care for children, for the younger generations. Abay called for expanding knowledge, going beyond their own culture, accepting the knowledge, history and literature of others," the Pope said.

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