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Abnormal heat led to record energy consumption in Central Asia

Abnormal heat observed in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan at the end of July led to a historical maximum in electricity consumption, ATPress.kz reports.

According to the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan, on July 22, the indicator of electricity consumption per day in the country amounted to 237 million kWh, or 6% more than last year, which was the maximum value not only for this summer period, but for the whole year.

The department added that electricity consumption in the capital of the republic this summer reached a historical maximum, exceeding the figure of the past autumn-winter period, when demand for electricity was the highest.

“So, if in the autumn-winter season of 2021/2022 the maximum daily consumption in the city of Tashkent amounted to 24 million kWh, then on July 22 of this year this figure was 27.5 million kWh or more by 15%,” - noted in the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan.

The National Energy Holding of Kyrgyzstan recorded a record figure for electricity consumption on July 19.

“As of July 19 of this year, the volume of daily consumption amounted to 34 million kWh of electricity, while last year this figure was 29 million kWh, and in 2020 - 28 million kWh,” the energy holding reports. . According to the Tajik media, electricity consumption in the country in July also increased to a record high, exceeding the annual average of 70 million kWh. “On July 26 this year, the daily electricity generation in the republic amounted to more than 72.1 million kWh. Such a high figure has never been registered in the republic before,” Asia-Plus quoted the head of the National Energy Company of Tajikistan as saying.

Energy authorities are urging consumers in their countries to be economical in their electricity consumption on hot days in order to avoid overloads and large-scale emergencies.

Earlier it was reported that the July heat in Uzbekistan broke absolute records in the history of meteorological observations.

Source: inform.kz

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