12 August, 2022 997

The dog handler saved the boy from falling out of the window

"On August 9, an alarm call was received on the operational channel 102 of the police department of the Ulan district of the East Kazakhstan region that a child was standing on the windowsill near the open window on the fifth floor of the house in the vil

A couple of minutes later, the police were on the spot, and before arrival, the inspector-canine handler Asyl Berikov was already there, who took measures to prevent the tragedy.

Later it turned out that Asyl, while registering the call to the duty officer, ran into the courtyard of the house, where he opened the front door, went up to the fifth floor, knocked on the door to the apartment, which was opened to him by a 12-year-old girl.

It turned out that she did not notice how her younger brother climbed onto the sill of the open window. Having run into the room, the policeman distracted the kid with conversations and took him off the windowsill.

The parents of the young children were not at home. Mother came home a little later and explained that she went to the store, which is located in the same house. Parents were interviewed.

Source: inform.kz

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