12 August, 2022 1272

In Atyrau, targeted social assistance was assigned to 994 families

This was announced by the head of the department for the coordination of employment and social programs Azamat Mambetov, reports ATPress. kz

For the purpose of social protection of low-income families, by August 1 this year, 5,555 people from 994 families in the region will receive targeted social assistance in the amount of 258 million tenge.

Of these, conditional cash assistance was issued to 4,576 citizens of 775 families, unconditional cash assistance - to 1,142 citizens of 247 families.

That is, conditional financial assistance is provided to families with at least one able-bodied family member, subject to the conclusion and conscientious execution of a social contract.

And unconditional financial assistance is provided to families with disabled citizens or with the only able-bodied family member in the absence of employment opportunities for objective reasons.

According to the analysis of categories of recipients of targeted social assistance,

children under 18 make up 66.4%,

unemployed - 3.2%,

having a job when applying for help - 12.9%,

independent workers - 0.7%,

pensioners - 0.7%,

disabled people of all groups - 0.9%,

students - 3.6%,

those on parental leave – 10.7%,

others - 0.9%.

– The number of able-bodied persons from among the recipients of conditional cash targeted social assistance is 1,326 people.

Of these, 38 are independent workers, 720 are employed at the time of applying, 180 are registered as unemployed at the employment center, 388 are on parental leave, - A. Mambetov said.

Also, 1,310 children aged 1 to 6 from families receiving targeted social assistance received guaranteed social packages in the amount of 56 million 600 thousand tenge.

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