28 June, 2022 569

A draft law on media was proposed to be introduced in Kazakhstan

The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov instructed to submit a bill on the media to parliament by the end of 2022, the government press service reports.

“According to the Prime Minister, the draft law on mass media being developed should take into account the interests of the state, the demands of society and the trends in the development of the media sphere. The novelties of the draft law should be submitted for wide discussion with the participation of non-governmental organizations, the public, the expert community and journalists. In this regard, the Ministry of Information and Social Development was instructed to continue working on the drafting of the bill and ensure that it is submitted to Parliament for consideration by the end of this year,” the statement said on Tuesday.

According to the prime minister, it is important to create conditions for the press to build an effective dialogue between the state and the population.

“Central and local executive bodies need to form a high-quality pool of speakers who specialize in sectoral activities of departments. They must constantly conduct explanatory work about the activities of state bodies. Official representatives of government agencies, press secretaries need to switch to a new format for submitting official messages. It is impossible to limit ourselves to the practice of only replicating “dry” press releases written in complex professional language,” Smailov noted.

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