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Tokayev congratulated media workers

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev congratulated media workers on their professional holiday, Akorda's press service reports.

Congratulations text:

"Congratulations on your professional holiday!

Working in the journalistic field is a great honor and a great responsibility. Domestic mass media play an important role in strengthening the unity and cohesion of our people.

In the ranks of journalists are real masters of their craft, who always remain true to the high and noble ideals of their profession. By honest and diligent work for the benefit of society, they rightfully deserved the recognition of grateful readers and viewers.

Today, the Internet and social networks are filled with a flood of false information. In these difficult conditions, it is your objective and critical view that can be a reliable barrier to the spread of fakes and speculation. Therefore, the importance of professional journalism is now more than ever high.

We all face the most important task - building a New Fair Kazakhstan. Your articles and stories, investigative journalism make a huge contribution to achieving this ambitious goal. And therefore, a worthy assessment of the merits of true professionals in their field has a deep symbolic meaning.

The words of Mirzhakyp Dulatov are invariably relevant: "The country with a strong domestic press has a great future."

To ensure information security and ideological sovereignty of the country, it is necessary that domestic journalists have their own point of view on events in Kazakhstan and the world. We must strive to advance the public interest, setting an example for the whole society. Because to justify the trust of the people is our civic duty.

I am sure, while maintaining unity, together we will reach great heights on the path of building New Kazakhstan!

I wish you all prosperity, success and creative inspiration!

On June 25, the head of state signed a decree on awarding prizes, awarding grants and declaring gratitude from the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of mass media.

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