27 June, 2022 815

District inspectors will work under the new rules

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan has developed rules for organizing the activities of district police inspectors.

According to the document, from the moment of appointment to the position, within a month, the district inspector must carry out a door-to-door (door-to-door) tour of his administrative area and enter the information received into the electronic passport of the administrative area.

Reception of citizens by district inspectors is carried out at the precinct police station from 17:00 to 20:00, and online reception of citizens is also allowed during the working day.

The duration of the working hours of the district police inspector and his assistant is established in accordance with the regulation on service in the internal affairs bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but not more than eight hours established by labor legislation.

If necessary, they can be involved in the performance of official duties beyond the established time, as well as at night, weekends and holidays.

The duties of the local police inspector include:

prevention of offenses of recidivist, domestic, alcoholic crime, identification of the causes and conditions that contribute to them;

individual prevention of offenses against persons who are on preventive records in the internal affairs bodies;

ensuring security and law and order in the entrusted administrative area by familiarizing with its features, establishing trusting relationships with the population, providing assistance to citizens and suppressing illegal actions;

administrative proceedings within the competence established by law;

signing and sending requests to health authorities, organizations and enterprises; resolutions on the appointment of an examination in cases of administrative offenses in progress;

interaction with the units of the integrated police forces.

If necessary, he conducts with them a tour of the yards, entrances of houses, as well as other places where people leading an antisocial lifestyle can appear.

In addition, the district inspector:

establishes the causes and conditions conducive to the commission of offenses, takes measures aimed at their elimination;

introduces binding instructions to individuals and legal entities, submissions on the elimination of causes and conditions conducive to the commission of offenses;

conducts an examination of persons for alcohol consumption;

interacts with the division for control over the circulation of civilian and service weapons on the issue of monitoring compliance by the owners of civilian weapons with the established requirements for the storage of their weapons and cartridges for them;

carries out checks at the place of residence of persons who have firearms in their personal use at least once a year, with the exception of checks carried out by the police during the period of operational and preventive measures, as well as on the instructions of an employee of the unit for controlling the circulation of civilian and service weapons persons applying for permits for the acquisition, storage and carrying of weapons;

uses technical means to record the facts of the commission of criminal or administrative offenses and the actions of police officers;

attracts the local population to participate in ensuring public order;

at least once a quarter, holds reporting meetings with the population in order to inform residents about the state of law and order in the administrative area, ensure transparency in its activities, as well as increase the level of citizens' confidence in the internal affairs bodies and a number of other events.

The results of the work of the district inspector will be evaluated according to three criteria:

the level of public confidence (assessment based on the results of the reporting meeting with the population, consideration of citizens' appeals);

security (the dynamics of offenses, including those committed in the sphere of family and domestic relations, by persons on preventive records);

work efficiency (compliance with official discipline and legality).

It is indicated that during a long absence (more than five working days) in the service of the district inspector (vacancies, vacations, illnesses, business trips), his site is served by the district inspector of the adjacent administrative section, in accordance with the order of the head of the city district authority (the person acting in his duties).

The full text of the document is posted on the Open NLA website until July 12.

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