27 June, 2022 939

Atyrau police rescued a man who had a heart attack

The man had a heart attack near the police station in the village of Almaly. At the same time, a 43-year-old resident of the city was driving, reports ATPress.kz.

The wife of the victim turned to the police for help. The police, seeing her husband's condition, immediately took him to the regional hospital. Here he was operated on.
The doctors said he had a heart attack. We were told that we went to the hospital in time. He underwent heart surgery. If not for the prompt actions of the police, the husband would hardly have been saved. I express my gratitude to police captain Zhanbolat Darmukanov and senior lieutenant Sagyntai Myrzashev, - says the wife of the victim Sandugash Makhsotova.

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