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The eminent Kazakh woman chess player said she was ready to take a polygraph

17-year-old world chess champion Bibisara Assaubayeva said she was ready to take a polygraph, writes Orda.kz.

She invited the President of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation Galim Khusainov and his deputy Darmen Sadvakasov with her. So the girl responded to attempts to refute her words that “beggars” were made of athletes.

The scandal erupted after the chess player posted on Instagram. She stated that she felt shame after the federation brought athletes to a meeting with Aida Balaeva to ask for "3 billion tenge for the bureaucrats of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation."

Assaubayeva's words were hastened to refute. First, Minister of Culture and Sports Dauren Abaev spoke:

“There, the president of the federation did not ask for billions of tenge. There we raised the question of how we would develop chess. “Give me billions” – there were no such questions. Yes, there was a question about the need to develop infrastructure. We have the necessary funds for this. Mainly due to sponsors.

Then the Deputy President of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation Darmen Sadvakasov spoke.

“We would like to assure the public that we did not ask for 3 billion tenge or any other amount yesterday and even more so today at the meeting. The concept of chess development was discussed, which we prepared and reported to the head of state today,” he said.

On June 26, another chess player, Zhansaya Abdumalik, expressed her opinion. She was asked the question about "3 billion" at a conference dedicated to the victory of the young athlete Malika Ziyadin.

“This is our inner kitchen. But I, as the person who was present at this meeting, the leader of the national team, would like to say that this post was not true. And there was no talk of three billion. They cited the Chess Federation of Uzbekistan as an example, they said that their annual funding is $3 billion. They allocate to chess, yes. The President of Uzbekistan presented a separate roadmap for the development of chess, which was drawn up until the age of 25, and, as if by doing so, we gave an example and showed that, thanks to such support, Uzbekistan is now in 19th place in the ranking. Kazakhstan - on the 37th. Perhaps Bibisara mixed it up somewhere, heard it inattentively somewhere. And this information is unreliable,” commented Zhansaya Abdumalik.

And Bibisara Assaubayeva on her Facebook page stated that she is an adult athlete with a clear mind and a solid memory:

“I do not confuse Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, I do not confuse their federations. I also know that dollars are the national currency of the United States, inappropriate for determining any kind of budget in an independent country with its own national currency. Especially to do it in Akorda - the heart of Kazakhstan. And three billion tenge (or, in your opinion, Mr. Khusainov, three million dollars), which it was planned to beg by hook or by crook from the president of our country, is a huge amount and undeserved by the Federation (including us, the national team).

The girl added that she was not looking for personal gain or empty fame. But he considers it wrong to steal time from the president of the country, and money from the national budget, by harmful and empty requests.

“Therefore, on the eve of the upcoming meeting with the President of the country, I went to the media and spoke directly and openly, without fear of persecution for the truth. If "offended" persons consider themselves offended - defend your name in court, your right. Back to the topic of lies. I am ready to find a “window” in training and pass a polygraph test. Let the time and place be appointed by Messrs. Khusainov and Sadvakasov, who will pass the lie detector with me. She is ready to pay for all three herself, they won’t have to ask me about it. Now let me continue preparing for the Olympics,” Assaubayeva wrote.

Source Orda.kz

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