26 June, 2022 846

Kazakhstan will start reducing saiga number in autumn

Too many of these animals harm pastures.

In Kazakhstan, they will begin to reduce the number of saiga, which today is more than 1.3 million heads. Work on its reduction is planned to begin in the autumn. Serikkali Brekeshev, Minister of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources, announced this at a press conference at the Aktobe Regional Communications Service, Kazinform reports.
"In 2016, when the saiga population did not exceed 110,000 individuals, a moratorium on hunting was introduced in Kazakhstan. At the end of last month, an aerial survey was carried out, as a result of which the number of saigas amounted to 1.318 million individuals. Therefore, a biological basis is now being prepared to regulate the number of saigas. Work on the seizure of saiga heads will be carried out in the fall. Now we are waiting for specific figures on how many heads need to be removed for scientific purposes and what population," the minister said.
 According to Brekeshev, today the main problem with saigas is that the increased population has begun to trample pastures and agricultural land.
"There is a reserve and a sanctuary for saiga in the West Kazakhstan region, they can contain about 250-300 thousand heads, but today the Ural population of saiga is 800 thousand heads," the head of the department added.
Earlier it was reported that farmers reported damage to pastures due to an increase in the number of saigas in the WKO, and the Ministry of Ecology did not rule out that they would give permission for shooting.

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