26 June, 2022 824

Kazakhstan and Сhina will resume air service from July 1

But Kazakhstanis need to pass three tests. In addition, citizens of Kazakhstan must self-isolate for 10 days before flying to China.

From July 1, direct commercial flights between Kazakhstan and China will resume in both directions. However, new requirements have been introduced for entry into China. Passengers must now take a PCR test for coronavirus and an antigen test twice. Also, spend 10 days in self-isolation. The rules for obtaining a health code "HS" or a health declaration "HDC" are published on the website of the Chinese Embassy in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
What tests do Kazakhstanis need to pass to fly to China:
Pass two PCR tests within 48 hours before departure. The second PCR test must be submitted within 24 hours before departure. PCR tests must be taken in two different laboratories designated by the embassy and the consulate general (see the names of the laboratories here). After receiving the results of PCR tests, it is necessary to upload them in a timely manner along with the necessary documents (passport, visa, vaccination passport, air tickets) and send an application. After processing the application, the Chinese embassy or consulate general will issue a "blue health code".
Pass an additional antigen test within 12 hours before departure. The result must be presented to the airline employee when checking in for the flight.
During check-in for the flight, present to the airline employee the "blue health code" opened through the mobile application (a screenshot taken in advance is not accepted) and a certificate with a negative antigen test result (in paper or electronic form).
In addition, before flying to China, passengers must spend 10 days in self-isolation in Kazakhstan, independently monitor their health and sign an appropriate letter of guarantee.

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