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Hyundai has started work within the program of preferential car lending

The first customers have already received invoices for paying for cars at Hyundai dealerships.

This means that in the near future, Hyundai dealerships across Kazakhstan will begin delivering new cars to customers from the Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan plant.

According to Denis Kolomatsky, Hyundai Distribution Director in Kazakhstan, by the end of this year, the Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan plant will produce another 25,000 Hyundai cars, 20,000 of which customers can consider for purchase under the preferential car loan program, i.e. the cost of these cars does not exceed 15 million tenge.

“From July, every month we will supply the market with 4,000 new domestically produced Hyundai cars, which is more than enough for concessional lending under the government-allocated tranche for the program. We require dealers to strictly observe the queue for cars. about unfair facts, please report by number 7007, we will punish severely!" - said Denis Kolomatsky.

In the context of a total shortage of new cars in the world market, associated with the semiconductor crisis and the disruption of supply chains, in the last two years in Kazakhstan, demand exceeds supply by dozens of times. At the end of 2021, the share of new domestically produced cars in total sales reached 62.2% (73,178 units), including cars from the Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan plant - 31% (22,729 units). At the same time, sales under the concessional lending program of the total sales of new Hyundai cars in 2021 amounted to 3% (681 cars).

"For us, this is a small volume, the lion's share of Hyundai's total sales is made up of cars purchased for cash. Dealers sell the rest under other financial programs. That is, the concessional lending program is intended primarily for consumers. Our task is to ensure production volumes and transparency of the queue for cars," said Denis Kolomatsky.

It is worth noting that the queues for cars at Hyundai dealerships are the same for both cash buyers and buyers under various financial programs. At the same time, queues for preferential lending are formed and controlled by second-tier banks participating in the program of preferential car loans.

Recall that the banks participating in the program of preferential car loans in 2022: Eurasian Bank JSC, Bank CenterCredit JSC, Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC, Forte Bank JSC. This list is not final, as applications from second-tier banks are considered, the Industrial Development Fund will add partners - program participants.

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