24 January, 2022 822

Quarantine for business was weakened in Kazakhstan

Today, at a meeting of the interdepartmental commission to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, a decision was made to review restrictive measures to ensure business activities during the pandemic.

In particular, a decision was made to reduce quarantine restrictions in all epidemiological risk zones (“green”, “yellow”, “red”) for facilities operating on a “green” status for staff and visitors.

Also on the easing of quarantine restrictions depending on the zone of epidemiological risk for business facilities operating for visitors with a “blue” status.


In the “green” zone - without restrictions, in the “yellow”, “red” zones - the easing of quarantine restrictions in the direction of increasing occupancy and the removal of restrictions on the mode of operation.


Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Yeraly Tugzhanov, who chaired the meeting, noted that the removal of quarantine restrictions will require reciprocal steps on the part of entrepreneurs to ensure strict compliance with sanitary requirements.



According to Tugzhanov, in the current difficult situation with the rapid spread of the omicron strain, which is a very contagious variant of COVID-19, it is recommended to mobilize all resources to correct the epidemiological situation, and the main priority is vaccination and revaccination of the population.

At the end of the meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister instructed the akimats to increase the pace of vaccination, for this the state has allocated a sufficient number of vaccines. In addition, on the ground, special attention should be paid to monitoring the implementation of measures taken by the government.



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