24 January, 2022 589

22-year-old housework stole a million tenge from her owners in Kazakhstan

Metropolitan police officers detained a 22-year-old girl suspected of grand theft.

She worked as a nanny and robbed her employers for several months, ATPress.kz reports.

It has been established that, while working as a nanny from November 2021 to the present, the girl stole a million tenge, jewelry, a gadget and things of the employer, writes Polisia.kz.

According to the applicant, she found a nanny through an employment agency.

“The girl looked after two children and, having gained confidence, began to systematically commit thefts. At first, money began to disappear, but the victim did not notice.

When the worker began to steal gold items and clothes, the woman turned to the police. During the inspection of the room where the nanny lived, the police found all the stolen things,” the police said.

On this fact, a pre-trial investigation is underway.


Police said the suspect has already confessed.

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