24 January, 2022 756

The coronavirus pandemic on a planetary scale may end as early as 2022

This was stated by Vladislav Zhemchugov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Immunologist, Specialist in Particularly Dangerous Infections, RIA Novosti writes.

Speaking about “omicron”, the expert expressed the opinion that it is necessary to focus not on the maximum growth rates of identified infected people. The main thing is to differentiate diseases at an early stage so that patients with a mild course of the disease (“omicron”-ARI) can be treated on an outpatient basis, at home, and the health care system is not overloaded with excessive hospitalization.


The expert also noted that in Russia it is difficult to predict the end of a new wave of coronavirus associated with “omicron”, due to specific transport links within the country, which mainly go through Moscow. To do this, you need to know the communication map of the country well, he explained.


According to him, the “task” of the “omicron” is a massive “sowing” of the planet, without numerous dead. As a result, the virus will find a new host, as humanity has formed a inhibitory collective immunity. As a result, a new natural focal infection is formed, such as Ebola.


"We need to consider the planetary scale. I believe that on a planetary scale during the year it will end unambiguously, even reach the furthest islands in the Pacific Ocean,” Zhemchugov added.

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