24 November, 2021 133


The Minister of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aleksey Tsoi spoke about the New Year's corporate parties.

The chief medical officer of each region will determine the restrictive measures himself, the minister explained.

 “In each region, certain requirements will be established for the number of people in catering organizations or at concerts. There are certain requirements. The chief sanitary doctors of the regions will determine exactly the gradation depending on the number of seats, how many percent is possible depending on the zone,” he said on the sidelines of the government Alexei Tsoi.

The minister commented on the words of the chief sanitary doctor of Almaty, Zhandarbek Bekshin, about the ban on holding celebrations in all regions of the country, regardless of the zone for the spread of coronavirus.

 “Each sanitary doctor of the region can speak for his region, they are authorized only in their region to make decisions on strengthening measures, if they have potential threats, or they see, for example, high detection rate or population migration, then they can take measures in their region”, - said the head of the department.

 According to him, now the main task of the Ministry of Healthcare is to maintain a favorable epidemiological situation.

 “The situation has improved. We see a decline in the incidence rate. We all want to quickly socialize. But the coronavirus has not gone away. Lockdown is announced what is being done in our border neighbors. We must be wary that what happened in the summer or last year. It is important for us to contain this situation, to get vaccinated faster,” said Aleksey Tsoi.

He added that WHO predicts a decrease in the prevalence of Covid-19 by the end of the first half of next year, if about 70% of the country's population is vaccinated.

 "That is, there will be collective immunity. Now all countries are striving for this. It is not enough to be vaccinated in only one country. In any case, there is migration, citizens leave for other countries. It is necessary that there be collective immunity in the whole world," the Minister of Healthcare said.





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