22 November, 2021 72

Austria introduces full lockdown and mandatory vaccinations

In Austria, a full lockdown is being introduced from Monday. The decision was made just days after the authorities announced a lockdown for the unvaccinated only. This is reported by the BBC Russian Service.

Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said that the lockdown has so far been introduced for 20 days, and from February 1, 2022, vaccination in the country will become mandatory.  The authorities took this step because of the record number of new infections and one of the lowest vaccination rates in western Europe.

“We don't want a fifth wave,” Schallenberg explained his decision.  Data for the last week showed that the incidence rate in the country was 990 cases per 100 thousand people.  Healthcare Minister Wolfgang Mückstein said the quarantine was a last resort with such numbers.

Austrians will again have to work from home, all shops, except grocery ones, will be closed.  Schools will be able to attend only those children who, for various reasons, cannot study remotely and need full-time lessons.  Such rules will be valid until December 12, but they will be revised in 10 days.

Austria is the first country in the European Union to introduce a full lockdown again due to the coronavirus.

Partial lockdowns have been introduced in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.  Restrictions apply to unvaccinated people.  The German authorities have also decided to impose restrictions on unvaccinated people in areas with high hospitalization rates due to the coronavirus.  These measures will affect 12 of the 16 German states.

Hans Kluge, World Health Organization Regional Director for Europe, has already warned of the coming hard winter.  The BBC reports his words that vaccinations are still low in Europe amid the spread of the more contagious variant of Delta.  And avoiding preventative measures like social distancing and masks.

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