15 November, 2021 80


Two incidents per day occurred in the Atyrau city and the Zhylyoi region, ATPress.kz reports.

In the first case, the mother of a three-year-old boy turned to the ambulance dispatch service of the Zhylyoi region, who put a bead in his nose. The case ended well. Following the recommendations of the doctors, the mother was able to pull the object out of the child's nose.

A resident of the Atyrau city, who also needed medical assistance, also got into a difficult situation. Her two-year-old child stuck a bead in her nose while playing. Parents noticed this on time, but did not know how to get her out. They were assisted over the phone. Thanks to the special instructions of the doctors, they were able to independently remove the foreign body from the baby's nose.

The ambulance service noted that if foreign objects get into the child's nasal cavity, it is necessary to immediately call an ambulance or deliver the child to the hospital on their own. Doctors remind that it is categorically impossible to provoke sneezing, rinse your nose with water, remove a foreign object with a knitting needle, tweezers, a crochet hook, etc. Otherwise, you can push it even deeper.

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