12 November, 2021 118

190 countries pledge to phase out coal

At the climate summit in Glasgow, Poland, Vietnam and Chile and other major coal consumers pledged to stop using coal. The BBC wrote about this with reference to the British government.

Coal is the largest air pollutant on the planet and a major contributor to global warming.  A total of 190 countries and organizations have decided to abandon it.

However, the largest countries, heavily dependent on coal, have not signed up to this promise.  Among them are Australia, China, India and the United States.

The signatories pledged to abandon any investment in the production of electricity from coal, both internationally and domestically.  Industrialized countries agreed to phase out coal in the 2030s, and poorer ones in the 2040s.

The world media reports that the summit did not bring the long-awaited breakthrough.  But the world is still moving towards reducing emissions and seeking agreement on exactly how to do it.

Today, no one refutes the very fact of climate change.  At the summit, world leaders discussed only what sacrifices this generation should make in order to avoid casualties among the next.  And who should pay for it.

When two hundred countries signed the Paris Agreement in 2015, they agreed to renegotiate their commitments every five years.  The next clinical examination is scheduled only for 2025.  UN Secretary General Guterres told the BBC that he would convince the world not once every five years, but annually.

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