12 November, 2021 83

Europe is at the epicenter of a pandemic again

The head of WHO for Europe, Hans Kluge, warned that the region is once again at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the next three months, another half a million people may die there.  This is reported by the BBC Russian Service with reference to the WHO.

The cause of the crisis, according to WHO, is the uneven pace of vaccination in different countries and the softening of quarantine measures in the continent.  The WHO European Region, which covers 53 countries and includes several Central Asian countries, now has 78 million cases.

The number of new daily cases of the disease in Europe has been growing for almost six weeks in a row.  And the number of new deaths per day has been growing for more than seven weeks in a row.  At the moment, this is about 250 thousand cases and 3600 deaths per day.

The leaders in the growth in the number of infections and deaths were Russia, Ukraine and Romania.  In Russia on November 4, a new maximum mortality rate - 1195 people died.

The total number of infections in Ukraine has exceeded 3 million people, more than 70 thousand have died since the beginning of the pandemic.  The situation in other countries is also poor.  Germany, the largest economy in Europe, has reported 34,000 new infections.  This is the highest daily gain since the start of the pandemic.

In neighboring Austria, the number of infections is also growing rapidly.  The authorities do not rule out the introduction of strict restrictions on unvaccinated citizens.

Slovakia has 6,713 new cases of coronavirus per day, which is also a record, 15.5 thousand new cases were recorded in Poland on Thursday, the highest rate since April 2021.

For the first time in the world, British authorities have approved a pill for the fight against coronavirus.  A drug called molnupiravir will be prescribed to the most vulnerable patients.  Molnupiravir is intended for people who have tested positive for coronavirus and who have at least one risk factor for developing a severe course of Covid-19: obesity, age over 60, diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Clinical trials have shown that it reduces the risk of hospitalization and death from Covid-19 by about half when taken early in the disease.

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