08 November, 2021 74


According to Lenta.ru, after Putin's instructions to Gazprom to increase the volume of gas in storage facilities in Europe, gas prices began to decline. During the day, the cost of gas in the London ICE exchange fell by four percent.

The gas price dropped from $ 1,041 per thousand cubic meters to $ 1008 per thousand cubic meters. During the day, the cost fell by more than four percent. The price went down after the head of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller, in response to Putin's instructions, said that the Russian supplier will increase the volume of gas in European storage facilities after November 8.

At a meeting on the resource potential of Yamal, Putin also stressed that Russia has made up for the shortage of American gas in Europe, even in larger volumes than was necessary. According to the Russian President, the situation on the European energy market remains tense. Gas reserves in European storage facilities are significantly below the average for the last five years. And fuel prices exceed a thousand dollars per thousand cubic meters.

On October 27, it became known that the former German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed gas supplies from Russia with Vladimir Putin. According to the Financial Times, she reported this to the heads of the EU countries last week. According to Merkel, Russia has promised to increase gas reserves in the storage facilities of Germany.

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