08 November, 2021 72


Assistant robots will appear at homes and offices of Russians in 10 years.

Such terms are called by specialists of the NTI Competence Center named Technologies of Robotics and Mechatronics Components. The center was created on the basis of the Innopolis University. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

According to the robotics specialist Shimanovskaya, in 10 years Russian homes will have “highly intelligent service robots”: vacuum cleaners, kitchen machines, food deliveries, security guards and even partner robots for young children with the function of monitoring the child's condition.

As the specialist noted, technology will become more advanced, and robots will become more intelligent. They will learn to navigate stairs, mud, deep snow, and rough terrain. Robots will become more autonomous due to changes in the type of batteries used to store energy.

At the same time, the expert warns that there will be no humanoid robots in the mass sector in 10 years. To do this, robotics will have to solve many problems related to autonomy, upright posture, work with fragile and deformable objects, orientation in space and decision-making algorithms.

With reference to specialists, RIA Novosti predicts the appearance of such robots in 20 years, and their introduction into offices in 30 years.

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