26 October, 2021 62

Smartphones will be made of extra strong glass

According to Lenta.ru, McGill University scientists have created a composite that is several times stronger than ordinary glasses. And it doesn't scratch.

The new material has a checkerboard texture.  The smallest details of the glass cover are intertwined with each other.  The inventors adopted this design from the inhabitants of the marine world.

Many smartphone manufacturers are moving away from plastic screens.  However, classic glass has three drawbacks.  First, it breaks when dropped from a great height.  Secondly, it scratches heavily upon contact with sharp objects.  Third, it collects grease and fingerprints.

Modern devices from Apple, Samsung, Huawei and other brands are covered with glass on both sides.  Repairing them can cost half the cost of the device.

Another problem with modern smartphone displays is the danger to the health of the user.  Small fragments of display glass can cause injury, and if the screen is cracked, the radiation hazard increases.  Therefore, it is not recommended to use devices with a broken screen.  Cracks on the screen can impair the quality of information perception.  Because of this, the user will have to strain their eyesight and overload the eyes.

According to experts at McGill University, glass is the ideal material for smartphone screens.  However, the low strength of the material and the ability to collect scratches motivated scientists to find an alternative.

Experts have spotted the technology at sea shells.  It turned out that mother-of-pearl has the rigidity of a strong material and the flexibility of known polymers.  Its fragments are intertwined with each other in a checkerboard pattern.

Mother-of-pearl is coated with protein, making it three thousand times stronger than the materials of which it is made.  Scientists will have to test new material, certification, and then mass production.

Lenta.ru claims that the introduction of ultra-strong glasses in smartphones is beneficial to manufacturers.  The consumer will be pleased if the screen of an expensive smartphone does not crack when dropped or scratches.


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