19 October, 2021 56


Kaznet users are spreading a message that in our country they plan to start vaccination of children against CVI in rural districts, Stopfake.kz reports.

Allegedly, the villagers do not know anything about the drugs themselves for immunization and their side effects, which is why such a decision was made, but this statement is false.

Information about such plans for vaccination was denied by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Translation: Today I found out that they want to start vaccination of children in rural districts. “THEY” probably think that stupid rams are living in the villages who obediently lead their children to experiments with vaccination.

Anyway we need to warn our families and friends about this.

“This information is not true. Today, the vaccine produced by Pfizer / BioNTech, approved for use for children over 12 years old, has not been delivered to Kazakhstan. There is also no plan to vaccinate children. Vaccination of children will be carried out with the informed consent of the parents and does not depend in any way on the place of residence of the child,” the department said.


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