18 October, 2021 49


According to Lenta.ru, scientists from the United States have learned how to correct errors of a quantum computer.

Duke University specialists were able to solve the fundamental problems associated with errors in quantum computers. The machines of the future are so complex. To work with them, you need special languages and qualified specialists. Engineers point out that using a quantum computer is impractical to solve classical problems.

First, these computers are extremely expensive. For example, Google does not disclose the unit cost of its future quantum computer. However, the company is allocating "billions of dollars" for its creation.

Secondly, special conditions are required to work with such complex devices. For correct operation, the system must be completely isolated. In the cores, there should be practically no atmospheric pressure and the influence of the Earth's magnetic field. The temperature should be minus 273 degrees Celsius.

Before the invention of quantum computers, scientists relied on supercomputers. They differ from ordinary PCs with the dimensions of thousands of CPU cores. Computations that modern PCs will spend 10 thousand years on, a quantum computer will complete in three and a half minutes.

Classical devices operate with bits, that is, they perceive information in a binary system. In this case, the data takes on values only in the form of one or zero. Quantum machines perform calculations using qubits, where information can have a value both as one and as zero. This means that qubits, unlike bits, can take on different values at the same time and perform computations that a conventional computer cannot by nature do.

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