15 October, 2021 58

Vaccine disinformation videos will be removed from YouTube

According to the BBC, YouTube intends to remove all videos that spread false information about vaccines.  These include videos claiming that vaccines are dangerous, can harm health, or do not help contain the pandemic.

Previously, the service only stopped displaying videos containing false information about vaccines.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, YouTube has already removed about a million fakes related to Covid-19.

On Tuesday, YouTube removed two German RT channels for spreading false information about the coronavirus and trying to bypass restrictions using a different channel.

According to the vice president of video hosting Matt Halprin, fakes about accines have long become a global problem and appear in all countries.  According to the new internal rules, it will be possible to post personal vaccination stories on YouTube, discussions of various vaccination rules.

At the same time, videos containing claims such as that vaccines cause cancer, lead to infertility will be immediately eliminated.

The BBC reminds that the new YouTube rules are in many ways similar to the decision of the social network Facebook, which removes fake claims about vaccines after their exposure by health experts.

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