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The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to journalists: Dmitry Muratov of the Russian Novaya Gazeta and Filipina Maria Ressa

The Nobel Peace Prize for 2021 was awarded to journalists - the editor-in-chief of the Russian Novaya Gazeta, Dmitry Muratov, and the founder of the Philippine edition of Rappler, Maria Ressa.  They are awarded for "efforts to protect freedom of speech and expression, which are fundamental to democracy and lasting peace."  This is reported by the BBC Russian Service.

“Despite the threats, the editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta, Dmitry Muratov, did not abandon the newspaper's independent policy.  He has consistently defended the rights of journalists,” said Berit Reis-Andersen, Head of the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

The head of the Norwegian Nobel Committee noted that Dmitry Muratov has to work in conditions of rapidly growing pressure on the media in his country.

"I am laughing.  Didn't expect it at all.  I've got madness here.  I saw a call from Norway, but I considered it an unwanted call.  This is what I can say: we will take the rap with this award for Russian journalism, which they are now trying to repress.  That's all.  We will try to help people who are now recognized as agents, who are now spread rot, are expelled from the country,” said Muratov.

“We can congratulate Dmitry Muratov.  He consistently works according to his ideals, he is committed to his ideals.  He is talented, he is brave,” Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov commented on the award ceremony.

Muratov promised to donate part of his award to the Circle of Kindness fund to help sick children.  This fund was created in early 2021 by Vladimir Putin.  Funds are sent there from the increased tax of Russians, who earn more than 5 million rubles a year.

About Maria Ressa

“As a journalist and co-founder of Rappler, Maria Ressa has established herself as a fearless advocate of free speech.  Maria Ressa uses the fundamental right to free speech to expose the abuse of power, violence and growing authoritarianism in the Philippines,” Reis-Andersen explained the second decision of the committee.

Rappler is a popular English-language news outlet.  The Philippine authorities have been trying to force him to self-destruct for many years.  A formal legal action to close the publication is pending, but Rappler continues to operate.  The publication has become a symbol of the struggle for press freedom in the Philippines.

 The Nobel Peace Prize is the only prize awarded not by the Swedish, but by the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

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