21 September, 2021 55


"This was announced at a meeting chaired by the head of the region Makhambet Dosmukhambetov," said the press service of the regional akim.

At the meeting, the head of the regional health department Askhan Baiduvaliev made a report on the epidemiological situation of the region.

“Currently, 433 patients are receiving treatment in infectious diseases hospitals. Bed load is 18.4%.  A month ago, there were 1,776 patients in infectious diseases hospitals, thus, there is a drop by 4.1 times over this period.  Also, over the past month, the number of outpatients has plummeted from 8693 to 1534, or 5.6 times,” he said.

Along with this, A. Baiduvaliev informed about the progress of vaccination work.  According to him,  248,330 doses of component I vaccines and 211,330 doses of component II vaccines have been delivered to the region.  72.5% of residents are vaccinated.

However, the head of the department noted the insufficient level of vaccination in a number of districts.  For example, now the highest rates of vaccination coverage are in Atyrau city - 80% and in the Kurmangazy region - 65%.  And the lowest rates are observed in Makhambet (52.7%) and Zhylyoi (36.2%) districts.

Akim of the region Makhambet Dosmukhambetov instructed akims of districts to intensify work on vaccination.

“I am instructing to ensure the full vaccination of citizens subject to vaccination, continuing advocacy in the media, social networks, focusing on the positive results of vaccination in the country.  In addition, I instruct to make an analysis of vaccination work and submit final information with relevant proposals until September 27 of this year, ” M. Dosmukhambetov said.

For information, since the beginning of the pandemic in the region, 49,762 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus infection, and during this period 94% of patients have been cured.


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