01 September, 2021 77

Russia allowed dual citizenship for officials

According to the BBC Russian Service, Russian President Vladimir Putin has allowed the admission of persons with dual citizenship to the civil service. The chief spokesperson of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov linked this decision with the presence of

In July 2021, a law came into force in Russia prohibiting state and municipal employees to have the citizenship of a foreign state.  Previously, members of the Security Council were deprived of this right.

The State Duma deputies promised to extend the law to the deputies' assistants.

But on August 25, Putin, by his decree, decided to change the amendments, allowing persons with dual citizenship to participate in state and municipal service.

The main condition for such admission will be considered the inability to withdraw from the second citizenship according to the procedure provided for by the legislation of a foreign state.  The absence of such a possibility is planned to be checked individually.  The decision will be made personally by Putin or the Citizenship Commission.

The chief spokesperson Dmitry Peskov assured that the decree will affect about a hundred people.  The BBC explains that this is "a real-life exception to face."  As an example of exceptions, Peskov cited Ukrainian citizens who cannot go home for security reasons: "De facto, they do not consider themselves citizens of Ukraine, but de jure they are listed somewhere."


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