01 September, 2021 76

Samsung is planning to release flexible screen laptop in 2022

According to Lenta.ru Korean Samsung is developing a laptop with a folding display. The famous Ice Universe insider wrote about this on his Twitter account.

He also revealed the name of the future device.  According to him, the Korean corporation will call the laptop Galaxy Book Fold 17. The figure in the name of the gadget hints at the 17-inch diagonal of the device's display.

Lenta.ru referring to another FrontTron insider said that the concept device will have a folding screen.  The display can be deployed in two positions.  In the first case, the diagonal of the screen will be 17 inches, in the second - 13. Insiders admit that some of the Galaxy Book Fold 17 controls will be placed on the touchscreen display.

According to experts, the release of the gadget will take place in the first quarter of 2022.  Samsung may show the laptop alongside its flagship Galaxy S22 smartphone or postpone the premiere until Mobile World Congress.  The congress will take place from February 28 to March 3, 2022.

Samsung has previously hinted that it is working on a laptop with a new shape.  At the end of August, the company showed renders of a device called the Flex Note.  The device has a foldable body and an OLED screen.

From the message Lenta.ru we can assume that the device will be aimed at gamers and will appear on sale without RAM.  The consumer will have to independently purchase and install them in the laptop.

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