28 August, 2021 85

Windows will block suspicious applications

Windows introduces automatic protection against malicious applications. This is reported by Lenta.ru with reference to the Windows Latest edition.

The corresponding option was added to the OS along with the May 2020 update. However, by default, the Potentially unwanted applications (PUA) protection feature is disabled. The journalists noticed that from August 2021 this option began to work fully in the operating system.

As the authors explain, PUA fights and blocks those applications that seem unwanted or potentially dangerous to the system. Such programs may include torrent clients and unofficial programs downloaded from the Internet. In this case, when you try to start the installation of an application, a notification about the presence of an unwanted program will appear in the corner of the Windows screen.

PUA blocks and quarantines, but does not remove any installers that the OS thinks are suspicious. If desired, the user can allow the launch of such programs. In this case, the new function can be disabled, for this you should find the Potentially unwanted applications section in the system settings.

In June, it became known that with the release of the 21H1 update, Windows began blocking applications for downloading torrent files. According to journalists, this feature may be related to the update of the Windows Defender security policy.

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