14 June, 2021 173


According to Resolution No. 27 of June 11, 2021, the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Population Service Centers will switch to receiving clients through the Ashyq service, ATPress.kz reports.

Prior to that, objects of entrepreneurship, culture and sports have already started working through the Ashyq application.

This was announced on his Facebook page by the Chairman of the Board of the State Corporation “Government for Citizens” Adil Kozhikhov.

According to him, Kazakhstanis with a safe or neutral status will be able to receive public services without the obligatory preliminary booking of a queue. The entrance to the public service centers by Ashyq will be available in all cities of the country.

Also, each of the city's front offices were given personal QR codes for scanning. QR codes will be located at the entrance to the building.

- Thanks to this, PSCs will be able not only to accept a larger number of clients, but also to protect their employees and visitors. At the same time, the opportunity to book a queue in advance remains in the same mode. In the case of a preliminary reservation, you will even have an advantage - you will immediately get to the operator at the appointed time, - added Adil Kozhikhov.

As stated in the State Corporation “Government for Citizens” NJSC, if the client does not have the Ashyq application installed, then he can use the “Egov mobile”, “Kaspi.kz” and “HalykHomebank” applications, where the Ashyq functionality was recently introduced.

- Even if the client does not have the application data installed, at the entrance zone his status will be determined by the PSC staff according to the provided IIN, - the state corporation noted.

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