01 June, 2021 172

How will the population census in Kazakhstan be conducted?

From September 1 to October 30, 2021, a nationwide population census will be conducted in Kazakhstan, ATPress.kz reports.

The Bureau of National Statistics said that the census will be held under the motto “Every person is important in Kazakhstan!” 

The main innovation of the 2021 national census will be the introduction of modern digital technologies and process automation.  This year, citizens will be given the opportunity to fill out the questionnaires on their own online, or offline during a yard walk.

“From September 1, a special site sanaq.gov.kz will start working, where, until October 15, Kazakhstanis will be able to answer online all the questions that will be asked as part of the census.  The traditional continuous census will take place from October 1 to October 30 and will be conducted among those respondents who did not complete the online census within the specified timeframe.  An innovation of the traditional stage will be the use of electronic tablets by interviewers during a continuous walk. This will reduce the labor costs of census personnel, minimize the impact of the human factor on data quality, increase the level of reliability of population census data using IIN, significantly save paper and stationery, as well as increase the convenience and mobility of interviewers when collecting data”, - the message says.

To collect information during the census, the IIN of the interviewed person will be used as identifying information. This will prevent the duplication of the information.

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