14 May, 2021 206

Projects of Atyrau students were recognized as the best in the international competition

At the international competition Infomatrix-Asia 2021, 11th grade students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Atyrau won prizes.

In particular, Madina Dayardieva won a silver medal for the project named Mathematical Model of Carbon Dioxide Emission.  Her scientific work can seriously solve the problem of carbon dioxide emissions, which is urgent for our region.  Another student was Aigerim Khalidullieva who came up with the project named Mathematical formulas in meteorology, which is aimed at improving mathematical models for calculating the weather.  For this work she was awarded a bronze medal.

According to the press service of the Atyrau NIS, the competition is aimed at developing research skills among high school students.  Throughout Kazakhstan, the students of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools have won 8 silver and bronze medals, two of which are in the treasury of the Atyrau region.


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