12 February, 2021 307

Kazakhstanian life expectancy is growing

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin spoke at a meeting of the parliamentary faction of the Nur Otan party.

Mamin noted that "taking into account the new challenges, decisive measures will be taken to provide the national healthcare with qualified personnel, modern equipment, methods of diagnosis and treatment."

"Life expectancy will increase from 73.2 years old in 2020 to 75 years in 2025. The salary of doctors will increase 2.5 times to 561 thousand tenge in 2023. The salary of nurses will increase to 210 thousand tenge,"  - Askar Mamin said today, February 12.

By 2025, 20 modern medical centers will be built in all regions. In 2022, 2 scientific and innovative multidisciplinary clinics will open in the cities of Nur-Sultan and Almaty.

Source: Bestnews.kz

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