23 December, 2020 60

Atyrau rgn to plant 7 mln trees by 2025

«Atyrau region will plant 7 mln trees from 2020 until 2025,» Atyrau region Governor Makhambet Dosmukhambetov told the Government meeting

The region’s state forestry fund is 52,400 ha, including 15,100 ha of forestry. The large forests are stretching along Rivers Ural and Volga. It is targeted to plant more than 7 mln plants in the region according to the staged forestry development plan elaborated jointly with the Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources Ministry. Rehabilitation of forests along the River Ural, planting inundated forestlands will improve ecological situation in the region. For the past three years there were built and put into operation three forestry agencies worth KZT 427 mln. He stressed that KZT 769 mln is the amount of means necessary for fulfillment of the 2020-2025 staged plan.


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