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Atyrau residents bought 16.5 kg of gold from banks in October

In total, last month, residents of Kazakhstan purchased over 3,000 gold bars, ATPress.kz reports.

According to the press service of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in October, residents of the country purchased from second-tier banks and non-bank exchange offices 3,066 ingots with a total weight of 127.6 kg. Gold bars were presented in five varieties: 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 g. At the same time, it is noted that the most popular among buyers is an ingot weighing 10 g. Its share of the total sales is 25% - 9 505 pieces. This is followed by 100 gram - 8 524 pieces (23%) and 20 gram - 8 514 pieces (22%), 5 gram - 6 667 pieces (18%) and 50 gram - 4 544 pieces (12%).
"The leader among the regions in terms of buying bars is the city of Almaty (53% of the total number of sold bars), followed by Atyrau (13%), Nur-Sultan (11%) and other regions (23%)," reported in the website of the National Bank.
Simple calculations show that residents of Atyrau in October bought 398 gold bars from banks with a total weight of over 16.5 kg. 
Meanwhile, as indicated in the information of the country's main financial regulator, at present, it is possible to buy and sell gold bars at Halyk Bank, Eurasian Bank, Jýsan Bank, Bank CenterCredit, as well as in non-bank exchange offices.
The main factor in ensuring the liquidity of the gold bars market is the possibility of redemption of bars by banks and non-bank exchange offices with the payment of money to the client "day in day".
The National Bank reminded that each ingot is produced with protective elements (mirror surface of ingots, microtext and embossed edge) and in special packaging that protects the ingots from mechanical damage and makes it easy to check whether the package was opened or not.

Photo from the website of National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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