07 November, 2020 332

Journalists have been awarded with the Khalyk algysy medal

Among the awardees are journalists and specialists who worked in the regional headquarters for the fight against coronavirus, which was created during the pandemic, ATPress.kz reports.

“In the fight against coronavirus, first doctors, then law enforcement officers, and emergency workers showed an excellent example of resilience and self-sacrifice. I would like to highlight the work of media representatives in the coverage of information. Many journalists went to the front lines of the fight against a dangerous infection, witnessed what was happening, showed the full picture, worked around the clock, and made reports right from the scene. We saw that they are very fond of and proud of their profession, ready to risk their lives, they put the spirit of patriotism above all else,” - said Bakytgul Khamenova, the deputy akim of the Atyrau region, congratulating the awardees on behalf of Makhambet Dosmukhambetov, the head of the region.

The Khalyk alkysy (People’s gratitude) medal was solemnly awarded to Serik Kabdolov, the deputy director of Atyrau-Akparat LLP, Aliya Zhamitova, the correspondent of the Khabar24 TV channel in the Atyrau region, Bayan Zhanuzakova , the editor-in-chief of the atr.kz website, Zulfiya Iskalieva, the journalist of the “Akzhaiyk” newspaper, Dinara Bagytova, correspondent of the Atameken channel in the Atyrau region, Karina Durzhanova, journalist of the Caspian News TV channel, Rasul Serikov , photojournalist of the communications service of the Atyrau region, Zhuldyz Tileukhan, editor of the Atyrau TV channel and Zhanat Teltaev, director of the Kazakh Academic Drama Theater named after M. Utemisov.


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