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More than 600 kg of sturgeon caviar obtained in Atyrau at a private plant

In 2019, the fishing enterprises of the Atyrau region caught 6.5 thousand tons of various fish on the rivers and in the sea, ATPress.kz reports.

It was announced today during an online briefing in the regional communication service. Also, in the region 18 subjects of nature management (various limited liability companies, peasant farms and cooperatives), including two sturgeon hatcheries work in the field of fisheries, having 4,121 people employed.

About 400 people have permanent jobs, the rest (over 3 thousand people) are involved in seasonal work. In 2019, 6,555 tons of fish were caught on the Zhaiyk, Kigash rivers and in the sea. And this year, from spring to the present, fishermen caught 7,312 tons of fish in the Atyrau region. Accordingly, the volume of commercial fishing increased by 757 tons compared to last year.

“Of the 6,555 tons caught, 6.5 thousand tons of fish were processed and more than 5.9 thousand tons were exported abroad to such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Israel,” said Artur Sadibekuly, head of the fisheries department of the Atyrau region.

During the briefing, it was also noted that in the city one of the private enterprises has been growing sturgeon fish for several years in closed water supply units (in pools) for further sale. In 2019, 12 tons of sturgeon fish were grown at this enterprise and 620 kg of black caviar were obtained, which were sold for free sale.



Photo by R. Koylibaev

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