17 October, 2020 376

Passengers arriving in Kazakhstan will be monitored through the new app

Together with the IT market, a new application ZERTTEU is being created, which will help in conducting an epidemiological investigation, ATPress.kz reports with the reference to Tengrinews.kz.

“When a person arrives in the country, he fills in certain information by hand on paper. This information must be transferred to the central controlling body. Then the information must be entered into the database, it all takes time and causes certain problems.To automate this, we are creating a special mobile application, which we will recommend for installation on the phone to those entering the country, and we will transmit the relevant personal data and necessary information in electronic format, " Bagdat Musin, Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace said during the government hour in the Senate.

The main functions of the ZERTTEU app will be:

• Definition of patient zero

• Monitoring the spread of the virus

• Result of PCR testing

• Access via QR code

Earlier, Saqbol mobile app was launched in Kazakhstan. The app allows a citizen with a positive COVID-19 test, by activating the notification function, to anonymously alert other app users about contact with him within the last 14 days at a distance of less than two meters and for more than 15 minutes.


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